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 DSA Lists

List A-but sad met mop mad box big sad ran rub job ram him cob gum

List A8-dig, led, cup, had, cut, hop, cab, log, lap lid, dot, hum

List-F2- plan, case, ask, game, bag, face, chat, space, band, wave, have, snap, car, than, shake

List F5—pipe, dive, twig, spit, ape, bite, plate, came, hive, brand, make, ant, swift, crash, line

List F6- slot, note, rode, froze, phone, prop, bone, chop, stone, trot, joke, mop, spoke, plot, rope

List F7- nose, chose, hop, wrote, hole, home, rot, rose, pot, job, done, top, from, slop, those

List F8-dude, bun, hunt, cute, huge, must, use, just, rude, much, skunk, June, fuse, rush, flute

List F9-cone, hot, tune, rule, stop, crop, cub, flop, tube, club, bud, choke, brush,

List G1-arm smart hat yarn far warm cage shark page bake stake jar pad tag

List G2-stir, chin, shirt, fist, his, skin, vine, swirl, hike, if, milk, file, wife, life, third

List G3-rob, bob, smoke, your, close, whole, fork, born, north, drove, sort, stomp, mob, hope

List G4-burn, hug, dune, purr, bump, nurse, bus, mule, turn, curve, fume, church, hurt, cut, prune

List G5-her, star, short, germ, bark, pork, fort, charm, scarf, dirt, harp, park, cord, first, nerve

List G6-care, race, blame, part, share, where, braid, yard, stage, stare, grade, are, hard, praise

List G7- air, scare, faith, stair, car, train, start, claim, dare, square, warm, chair, hair, harm 

List G8-perch, beach, team, fear, cheat, tree, clerk, cheese, term, bead, heart, near, beard

List G9-Clerk, cheer, deer, feet, verse, peer, sleep, hear, earth, steer, year, learn, stern, green, bleed, dear

List G10-bright, nine, chirp, wire, shine, trip, white, fire, firm, sight, tight, birth, knife, skirt, ride night

List G11-robe, road, vote, tore, corn, work, coat, goal, storm, roar, for, more, form

List H1-flag trace bay made lap stamp spray was tray ball day last way late

List H2- crab, fade, pay, wait, chain, sale, said, main, gray, want, dad, trade, paint.log

List H3-rat, tail, rein, gain, cake, wash, male, sleigh, map, they, sprain, weigh, stand

List H4-seed, me, be, when, she, next, them, these, street, melt, flew, the, deep, wet

List H5-chest, lean, tea, cream, feed, knee, web, great, speech, beg, break, east, free, swept, kept

List H6- wheel, jeep, thief, speed, real, friend, dream, leaf, fed, lie, heat, peace, nest

List H7- melt, hen, mean, feel, head, steak, weed, leave, sweat, been, steam, see dead, jet 

List H8-like, it, my, guy, film, hide, try, nice, pin, live, shy, limp, prize, why

List H9- guy, right, high, fight, in, write, tie, and pipe, in dig, size, win, might, and spy

List H10- glide, kind, drift, wild, dime, find, fife, mix, rice, thigh, lid, gym, pile, and sigh, and child, right

List H11- wove, sod, boat, prod, stroke, done, hose, cone, soap, cod, oak, toad, pox, move,

List H12- code, most, oat, loaf, blob, lone, some, roll, romp, slope, roast, bold, gone

List H13-both, not, dome, show, blow, mop, mole, lose, low, pond

comb, toe, old, poke, most, chose, slot

List H14-spun, bruise, cruise, clue, fruit, true, push, duke, blue, gum, brute, juice, suit, sunk

List I1-squint quilt kit kid king quake quick quote squirt kept squash squat quiet square quack

List I2-throb.sting, stomp, three, them, string, thrill, stroll, stink, threw, throat, street, thump, stretch, this

List I3- spank, sprite, spray, sped, splotch, spun, sprung, spunk, sprain, split, spit, splint

List I4-shrink, script, shred, shaft, shrub, scan, shop, ship, screw, shut, shift, scat, scrap, shrewd, scream

List I5- crack, broke, shake, back, rake joke, duck, duke, pluck, speak, hike, flake, black bake

List I6-black, bike, peck, soak, choke, like, oak, sleek, brake, luck, beak, kick

List I7- Shark, block, dark, sake, flock, milk, lake, poke, sneak, brick, stake, and look

List I8-bench, catch, lunch, teach, hitch, fetch, pouch, ranch, batch, beach, notch, pitch, porch

List I9-beach, roach, mulch, pinch, reach, much, sketch, stitch, torch, blotch, coach, crunch, peach, branch, hatch

List I10-age, gauge, urge, pledge, sponge, badge, stage, ridge, cage, change, siege, merge, judge, range, and trudge

ListI11- cell, soak, cash, sit, sunk, surf, sank, cat, cinch, silk, cease, can, send, sand, cop

List I12- jog, gas, genes, gist, gift, junk, got, gym, gum, jam, joke, gel, jet

List J1-slop, boil, stomp, joy, shop, join, moist, point, void, foil, plop, coy, fond, blot, toy, boy, coin

List J2-good, foot, spoon, proof, blew, sew, few, wood, screw, loop, knew, shook, truth, bloom, tooth, stew

List J3-clown, down, grow, found, blow, could, cloud, pouch, bowl, gown, know, brown, through, scout

List J4-proud, moon, how, you, count, brow, though, school, youth crown, bought, boom, ouch, soup, bound, tool

List K1- eating, playing, grading, cheering, mailing, keeping, raining, liking, baking, staring, waiting, making, 

List K4-calling, fishing, leaning, shaking, taking, missing, planning, icing, jogging, meeting, hopping, begging

List L1- elbow person athlete carry female even hoping hello bottle middle center lazy

List L3 –elbow, female, bottle, person, even, middle, athlete, hoping, center, carry, hello, lazy

sf7_boy12List L4-fabric, plastic, gossip, climate, kitten, basic, sister, beaver, comic, final, ladder

List L5-limit, meter, planet, sudden, wallet, favor, pencil, napkin, clever, photo, music, dessert, cabin, lobster

List L6-contest, enjoy, puzzle, attic, beyond, afford, attack, artist, invite, deny, silent, local

List L7-absent, super, robot, police, confess, garden, entire, dentist, navy, hotel, discuss, contain, polite, custom, vacant

List M2-hammar, lazy, awake, mistake, sailor, raisin, waiter, attic, safety, await, fatal, player, navy, okay, basic

List M3-defeat, never, peanut, unless, beaver, degree, collect, easy, achieve, believe, edit, relief, agree, between, center, sleeping

List M4-eager, reason, indeed, ideal, ahead, heavy, arrest, ready, protect, sweeten, extra, proceed, connect, ordeal, asleep, feather

List M6-alive, fighter, listen, mighty, align, invite, sixty, tonight, design, binder, kidnap, ninety, remind, decline, unkind, exist

ListM8- lobster, loafer, unload, body, bother, behold, solider, soapy, topic, cotton, explode, enroll, alone, hopeful, afloat, suppose

List N1-garden, haircut, parent, guitar, fairy, aware, beware, carrot, bargain, careful, apart, harbor, prepare, rarely, airlines, repair

List N4-attire, firefly, dirty, birthday, birdhouse, circle, fireplace, firmly, circus, girdle, confirm, admire

List N5- endure, ashore, burden, corner, curly, horror, adore, chorus, forty, before, hurry, mature, assure, surely


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