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Creative Writing

Creative Writing

The Creative Writing course focuses on writing clearly with imagination. The aim is to foster a better understanding of the craft of writing and to instill an appreciation of what goes into producing enticing works. Though writing effectively will inspire a great source of creative joy and confidence, it is also a lot of work.



Remember: Your class will not be having a paper and pencil exam. You will need to bring your completed final portfolio to class on the day and time of your exam period. You will be required to share a few "choice" pieces with your peers. It is mandatory that you attend the exam period.

Check your BLOGS!!
We will begin doing a class blog. You'll need to post your initial response, and respond to a classmate's each week. The reflections will be listed on Mondays, and you will need to have both (your post and a peer response) completed by Friday. Have fun!! Please be respectful of everyone, so we can encourage honest sharing as a group.