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Competitive Games

Competitive Games Physical Education Syllabus

Riverside High School

Competitive Games Physical Education Syllabus

Physical Education Teachers:

Nick Schussler nick.schussler@riversideschools.net 2nd Planning Period

Physical Education Philosophy:

Students are expected to participate at all times to the best of their ability, while working with others, in a safe and comfortable environment. Each student will develop physical skills, tactical knowledge, and cooperative social skills as a way to stay healthy, while learning various games. Moreover, they will be exposed to multiple paths to take care of their bodies while focusing on each of the components of fitness. It is our goal that each student improves their physical, mental, and social well-being through participation in Physical Education class here at Riverside. Students will build foundations that will encourage and enhance their participation in a variety of physical fitness, athletic and recreational activities for a lifetime.

Class Expectations:

Class Rules:

  1. Be responsible, respectful, and show good sportsmanship

  2. Students must be dressed appropriately and ready for class each day

  3. When signal is given students must stop and follow directions

  4. Handle equipment with care, use only as directed

  5. Encourage all classmates, as well as, commending performance

  6. Participate at all times and to the best of your ability

  7. School Handbook rules apply (except for the dress code in this class)


Class Misconduct

  1. Verbal Warning

  2. 2nd Verbal Warning …………………points lost for the day

  3. Separation from environment….0 points for the day

  4. Detention, phone call home ....0 points for the day

  5. CLC…Detention, phone home ….0 points for the day

  6. Referral to the Principal ….0 points for the day

Dress (not dressed for class)

  1. Verbal Warning

  2. Detention and phone call home….0 points for the day

  3. All additional times not dressed for class will result in a detention and a call home


Class Attire

You must bring your gym clothes and shoes to class each day. The clothes you wore to school ARE NOT to be worn for Physical Education class, your gym clothes ARE NOT to be worn to your other classes.

  1. SHIRT

ACCEPTABLE…Loose fitting, crew neck t-shirt that covers the entire midsection and is longer than to your waist, must have regular t-shirt sleeves, no extra holes

UNACCEPTABLE…Cut-off t-shirts camisoles, designer style t-shirts (no v-neck), tight fitting compression shirts


ACCEPTABLE…Loose fitting shorts or sweat pants that go pass mid-thigh AND do not touch the ground

UNACCEPTABLE…Tight fitting pants of any kind. NO YOGA PANTS or LEGGINGS (unless loose fitting shorts are worn also)…Shorts that are shorter than mid-thigh.


ACCEPTABLE…Tied athletic shoes with socks, shoes need to provide foot stability and safe non slip grip on the floor

UNACCEPTABLE…Shoes without or untied laces, may not be opened toe


Locker Room Expectations

Students are to use the locker room for changing and bathroom use only. Students not dressing for class, for any reason, should not enter the locker room at any time. A strict (5) minute time limit is in place for being in the locker room. Students are not permitted in the locker room during class time. Locks will NOT be issued to students, students MAY bring a lock to use ONLY during their class time, it must be removed at the end of each class.

Class Absences

  1. 1 Day to 4 Days Missed

Complete Absentee P.E. Alternative Assignment

Students must be complete one (1) 30 minute period of activity for each day absent from class. The form MUST be turned in within five (5) school days of day absent, with a parent/guardian or coach signature included.

  1. Alternative Physical Education Assignment (Due to extended illness or injury)

Complete Illness or Injury P.E. Alternative Assignment

Student must research an acceptable activity from the list provided and complete a PowerPoint that includes how the game is played, the rules, three all-time records and a highlight of a popular athlete that participates in the sport or activity.


Dress for Class 5 Points each day

Class Participation 15 Points each day

Unit Team Project 4 Assignments 50 Points each

**There will be class/homework assignments throughout the semester for various points**

ONLINE CLASSROOM…may be accessed on the Riverside web page OR



Google Classroom Code: ____________________


**Tight Fitting Clothes Will Not be Permitted

**Students not changing for class are not permitted in the locker room

**Students should bring a note from their parent/guardian when there is a situation that hinders participation for any reason. Make-up must be completed to earn points for days not participating.

**Days that students are “not dressed” for class may not be made up, points are lost.