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Classroom Management

Classroom Behavior

The five "P's" that guide our 5th Grade classroom rules and
behavior expectations:
Prompt - Students should arrive to school on time, hang up coats, unpack, get breakfast, make lunch choice, sharpen pencils, begin morning work, and be ready to learn once the second bell rings.
Prepared - Students should have necessary materials at all times. This includes, pencils, folders, art supplies, silent reading book, etc. This also includes homework!
Productive - Students should stay on task, follow directions, and use their time wisely in the classroom. 
Positive - Students should put forth their best effort and display a good attitude towards learning.
Polite - Students should be good citizens by treating other students and adults with respect.
  • Each grading period, students will get a P Points punch card that will be kept on a ring in their classroom. They will get 25 points in the first grading period, 20 points the second grading period, 15 points the third grading period, and 10 points for the fourth grading period. When a student breaks one of the 5 rules, they will lose a point by punching their P point card. Parents will be kept up to date by email or a call home once half of the points are lost in each grading period.
  • Students who model appropriate behavior and have at least one P point left at the end of a grading period will be rewarded.