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Classroom Management

Behavior Plan



Classroom Management Plan for

Mrs. Sluga’s Kindergarten Class

Rules and Procedures

My four classroom rules/guidelines are said in a chant that corresponds with motions. Our rules are introduced at the beginning of the year. The students help create the rules by providing ideas. We take all of our ideas and then come up with these four rules. We discuss that we need rules to keep us safe and to keep our classroom organized. Our rules are reviewed almost on a daily basis. Furthermore, because the rules have motions with them, I often use the motions as a non-verbal cue to remind students.



I will keep my hands, and my feet, and my mouth to myself.

Students are expected not to bite, hit, or kick other students. At the beginning of the year we talk about the importance of respecting others. The rule is said in chant, pointing to our hands, feet and mouth and then giving ourselves a hug to remind us to keep them to ourselves. When students break this rule, we discuss what the rule is and why need it to keep everyone safe.

I will listen while others are talking.

This rule is said in a chant pointing to our ears, to remind students that we must listen when students are talking. We continually talk about this rule, especially during large group activities. I remind the students that they must listen to each other AND the teacher when she is talking.

I will raise my hand to speak.

This rule is said in chant while we raise our hand. We continually talk about this rule, especially during large group activities.

I will do my best all the time.

This rule is said in chant while we point to ourselves with our thumbs up.








Behavior Plans

Card System (enhancement/reduction)

Our focus this year is on making good choices. I utilize a card system to help monitor students’ behavior. Everyday your child will begin his/her day with a green card. If your child ends the day on green, he/she will earn a Bobcat Buck. Students have the opportunity to earn their way back to green by demonstrating good behavior. 

Listed below is a detailed explanation of my card system. 

 Green is our goal. It means the student is on task, following the rules.

 Yellow is a warning card. It means stop and think.

 Orange is a consequence card. It means a note home or phone call. 

 Red is a consequence card. It means the student will visit with Ms. Walker.