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Blizzard Bag Assignments


Blizzard Bag Assignments: Mr. Porostosky (Art K-5)

Select any artwork that goes with the Art Style or Art Period assigned to your grade. You can find them either online or in an Art book. Once you’ve found a picture of the artwork you want to (copy) recreate it.

Assignment k-5: Please read grade specific details.

April 14th: Create a drawing of famous artwork on paper at least 8” x 11”

April 28th: Color in your recreated artwork using any art supplies you have or have barrowed. If you do not have supplies you can use pencil, and will be graded on your shading and use of value instead of your coloring skills.

May 27: Finish Project and Answer the Question: project must be finished by this date and put into your Art portfolio in class. You must also provide an answer to the question that aligns with your grade, and write it on the back of the project.

Kindergarten: (Task): Select an Artwork from any famous Abstract artist (example: Pablo Picasso), and try to redraw the artwork using simple shapes, and then try to color-match what you see. There are no questions for this grade. Standards Met (4PE)(2PR)(6RE)

1st Grade: (Task) Select an artwork or draw any character from any comic-book or Disney artist. (example, Stan Lee’s Spiderman, Walt Disney’s, Mickey Mouse) Recreate what you see. Draw out the composition and color it in using the same colors as the original. Answer this question on the back of your finished project. “What are your thoughts about the artistic qualities of the artwork or character you chose?” Standards Met (3PE) (1Pr) (8Re)

2nd Grade: (Task) Select an artwork from a surreal artist (example, Salvador Dali) and try to recreate it. Draw out the composition first and then color-match what you see. On the back answer this question: “Why do you like the artwork you selected? “What do you think makes this surreal artwork good? Standards Met (1PE) (1PR) (1RE)

3rd Grade: (Task) Select an artwork by an Impressionism artist to recreate (example, Van Gogh, Claude Monet) First draw out the artwork and then color-match what you see on your paper. On the back of your project answer this question: “What could you have done to make your project better? Standards Met (1PE) (1PR) (5RE)

4th Grade: (Task) Select an artwork by an (Optical) OP artist (example, M. C. Escher). First draw out the composition you chose, and then color match what you see. (it might just be black and white) Then answer this question on the back of your project: What qualities make your selected artwork successful? Standards Met (3PE) (1PR) (1RE)

5th Grade: (Task) Select any artwork from a Renaissance artist (examples, Leonardo, Michelangelo). First sketch out what you see on your paper, and then color it in trying to match the same colors on the original artwork. On the back of your project answer this question: “What do you think the artist you selected was trying to convey (say) through their artwork? Standards Met (5PE) (1PR) (1RE)