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Blizzard Bag Advice When Searching Images

Blizzard Bag Advice When Searching Images

The best way to search Art images with your child on the Internet is to set your Google images search to "STRICT". Then in the search bar type: safe images art (abstract, impressionism, surrealism, exc..) SEARCH EXAMPLE: safe images art impressionism I did this with all the Art periods and styles and overall was successful. However, their are no guarantees somthing inapropriate will not pop up. That is why it is very important you guide your child while on the internet. The best alternative is to find an Art book or Art calander perhaps at a Library or in a magazine.

Also all projects are due at the very end of the year MAY 28th. I do not need to see them prior. If a student finishes they are to be put into their inclass Art folder.

I hope this helps

Mr. Porostosky