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Assignments (updated weekly)

Assignments (updated weekly)

Assignment: Handtool Activity
Date started: 9-7-10
Due date: 9-27-10

Stage 1 Due Thrusday 9-16

Guest Speaker Friday 9-17-Bill Whitman Universal Technical Institute

Stage 2 Due Thrusday 9-23

Stage 3 Due Monday 9-27

Assignment: Machine Safety
Date started: 9-28
Date ending: 10-4

Wk 10-4, 10-8
Machine Safety Will continue through this week
Test this Friday

10-11, 10-14
Test was moved to Monday, Wood delivery on Tuesday, start projects on Wednesday

10-18, 10-22
We are working on projects using the machines
1st period is working on Jewelry box
2nd period is working on Step stool
11th period is working on Pedestal table

Continue working on projects
1st period- Nail box together, cut out bottom, nail trim
2nd period- Fasten stool together, drill out plugs and glue them in, sand plugs down
11th period- Continue on lathe, cut out legs, cut out top

11-15, 11-19
Continue working on projects
1st period- Attach hinges to lids and box, nail trim, start on inside tray
2nd period- stain and finish stool, start on table
11th period- cut table supports out, sanding on lathe, sand all parts