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Art Concepts

Art Concepts

– 2 semesters – 1 credit (11, 12)

Prerequisite: For the advanced student with the upper classmen having preference

This course is offered to both students enrolled in studio art classes and those with no specific interest in creating works of art, but who have a curiosity about the development of different periods of art. Grades will predominately be based on comprehensive slide exams. Students will participate in class discussions, small group discussions, debates, note taking, and occasional class art activities. Students will learn about various forms of art in the context of world cultures and historical periods. Students will develop an appreciation for art and art processes throughout the world. Students will develop an understanding of such disciplines as sociology, religion, politics, cultures, and psychology in reference to how they represent society from ancient to modern times. Students will develop a sense of taste and maturity in understanding art so that their knowledge may enrich their lives and personal perceptions of themselves.

Pluto and Proserpina (1621-22) white marble cm. 255 | Gian Lorenzo Bernini

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Class Announcements

enhance and extend your learning!
Unit 1 "what is art" : with the permission of your parents, watch and write a synopsis of Pollock or Mona Lisa's smile.
Unit 2 "Magic and survival": Create a replica of Stone Henge
Create a creative Art History time line
Go on a road trip with your family to see a Frank Lloyd Wright Home, make a presentation to students when you get back.
Unit 3 Mythology: Do an in depth research about an artist in this unit and present to the class, make sure to use reliable sources (ones with authors)
-make a family tree with both Greek and roman names
-watch Helen of Troy, do a synopsis to share with the class
Unit 5 Asian Art: Research an area of the world where Buddhism is prevalent and plan a virtual field trip for us.
Unit 6 Hindu Art and Indian Culture: Create a children's book about an artist in this unit, see teacher for examples.

ANY UNIT from here on: go to http://museum.thinkport.org/ and make a museum of your favorite pieces of artwork, include explainations of the art.
Unit 7 Jewish Art: Create a "social networking profile" for your favorite artist
Unit 8 Christian Art: Create a T-shirt advertising Art Concepts (in a positive school appropriate way)
Use Google Art Project to create a fun and interesting presentation for your class.
See your teacher about visiting Lakeland CC.
Use movie we discussed in class to make a ppt from the movie's dioramas.
Unit 9 Islamic Art : Plan a virtual field trip to a famous mosque.
Unit 10:
Unit 11:With the permission of your parents watch Girl with a Pearl Earing and do a synopsis.
Unit 11/12- Go see the special exhibit at the art museum and bring back a ticket stub.

You need a pencil, eraser, pen and notebook every single day. Other supplies will be given as homework assignment as needed. If you do not have a computer with a printer and internet you need to make sure the teacher knows this so the teacher can write you a pass to the media center, otherwise you need to make arrangements when computer assignments are given.