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Art 1

Art 1 Supply List

ART100 ART 1
– 2 semesters – 1 credit (9, 10, 11, 12)

Prerequisite: Successful completion of 8th grade art is helpful

Art 1 is the introductory course in art. This course is designed to expose the beginning art student to a variety of art experiences including drawing, painting, two and three-dimensional design and print making. Work is done on a project basis and is graded on the student's individual development rather than in comparison with the works of others in the class. Written tests and exams will be based on vocabulary and art concepts, materials and techniques.
10 pencils (Non-mechanical)
5 white erasers
2 pencil sharpeners with 2 different size openings
9x12(at least that size) sketch book (may be used year to year)
2 fine point black sharpies
2 ultrafine black sharpies
Folder and notebook to take notes
A small container with a lid or 1 large ziplock bag for supplies
Wooden spoon for printmaking unit
Box of tissues (classroom donation)
Ziploc bags: any size (classroom donation)
Cleaning wipes (classroom donation)
3 Egg cartons (Styrofoam only)
Magazines for collage unit (school appropriate content)
Plastic grocery bags
Towel for clay unit