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AP Biology Articles to Abstract

Preparing an Abstract/Annotation

An abstract is a summary or synopsis of an article in a journal or magazine. The purpose of preparing an abstract is to acquaint you with scientific literature and to expose you to current topics in biology.

Special Instructions:

  • Work cited must be included at the top of the abstract page. (To the best of your ability)
  • Double space between the citation & the start of your paper
  • Abstracts must be handwritten and at least one and a half pages in length.
  • Write your name and period at the top of the abstract in the upper right corner.
  • 1st paragraph recaps who did the research and what the research investigated.
  • 2nd paragraph discusses how they did the research. DO NOT REWRITE THE ARTICLE!!!
  • 3rd paragraph combines what the findings were and what the implications of those findings may be.
  • 4th paragraph discusses what further research could be conducted and the possible benefits from such research. (you will have to think)

Articles may be found in a folder under class files.

  1. Aquaporin Water Channels SEPTEMBER 4
  2. Analytical Methods for Biomolecules OCTOBER 2
  3. Programmed Cell Death NOVEMBER 6
  4. Bacterium Heliobacter pylori and Gastritis DECEMBER 4
  5. The Flower and the Fly – Insect Mouthparts JANUARY 8
  6. Odorant Receptors and Olfaction JANUARY 22
  7. Ubiquitin-Mediated Protein Degradation FEBRUARY 5
  8. Fimbriae, Fibrils, Sex, and Fuzzy Coats MARCH 5
  9. Diet and Primate Evolution March 26
  10. Chemiosmotic theory April 9

Abstracts are due the first Wednesday of each month with TWO abstracts being due in January and March.

MLA Style Periodical Citation:

Author. "Title of Article." Title of Magazine Date: Page(s).


Milton, Katherine. "Diet and Primate Evolution." Scientific American

   August 1993: 86-94.