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Alternative P.E. Assignment

Alternative P.E. Assignment


In the instance that a student has an excused injury or illness that requires them to miss five (5) or more consecutive days of class, they must then complete a PowerPoint Presentation on a sport listed below. If in school, the student will receive a pass to the media center during class time to complete the assignment. If the student is not in school, they must complete this work at home, if possible. The assignment will be due on the Monday following the five (5) consecutive days missed. This must be an original work created in place of a whole week of class participation and must reflect that. Copied and pasted material from any internet source WILL NOT be accepted and the student will be asked to redo the assignment using the students own words. The presentation must be at least six (6) pages and include the following.



Pick one sport for every week of activity missed

You must complete one from each category before returning to the same category



Softball Baseball


Football Speedball Ultimate Frisbee Soccer Basketball Hockey


Volleyball Pickle Ball Ping Pong

Tennis Badminton

Power Point


Page 1 - Title Page (10) Points

Sport presenting

Classification of Sport

Student name

Action picture of sport

Page 4 – Game Tactics (20) Points

Offensive tactics or strategy

Defensive tactics or strategy

Page 2 – Game Information (20) Points

How the game is started, stopped, and divided? (quarters, halves, etc.)

How is the game is won?

Page 5 – Athlete Biography (20) Points

What the athlete has done in the sport?

Major records or importance to sport?

Any professional career statistics and any all-time records

Page 3 – Games Rules (20) Points

Major game rules

Personal fouls and consequences

Page 6 – Works Cited (10 Points)

Works Cited in MLA Format (10 Points)

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Nick Schussler nick.schussler@riversideschools.net