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8th Grade Art

8th Grade Art

Art 8

Art 8
Image: " Information Scolaire" Paris 1956 Robert Doisneau

Art 8 is the introductory nine week studio art class. This course is designed to begin to expose eighth graders to what they will experience in Art 1. Work is done on a project basis and is graded on the student’s individual development rather than in comparison with the works of others in the class. Written tests and exams will be based on vocabulary and art concepts, materials and techniques.

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SUPPLY LIST FOR ART 8 : Due day 2 of class


10 pencils (Non-mechanical)

5 white erasers

1 pencil sharpener with 2 different size openings

9x12(at least that size) sketch book (may be used year to year) The ones that last the longest are the ones with wire binding. Students also find it useful to buy one that has pockets in it.

2 fine point black sharpies

2 ultrafine black sharpies

Folder and notebook to take notes

Chromebook-Charged and ready to use daily



Also throughout the school year you will need for specific projects:

A small container with a lid (holds 1 cup of liquid)

photograph of yourself (black/white)

1 large ziplock bag

1 garbage bag

Old towel

Ice Cube tray and Loaf of bread bag.

Additional requested supplies:

Last names     A-D : Large Ziplock Bags

 E-I : Murphy’s Oil Soap

 J-N : 2 bars of Ivory Soap

        0-R : Small ziplock bags

               S-Z :  Box of Tissues