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8th American History
This course will take students from the early beginnings of our great country through the Civil War and Reconstruction. We will begin the year with Exploration and the first permanent English settlement of Jamestown. Next, we will analyze the colonies' similarities and differences in relation to religion, economics, politics, and geography. From there we will encounter the events that led to the signing of the Declaration of Independence and The Revolutionary War. We will cover the Revolutionary War itself and then delve into The Constitution as the framework of our government as well as The Bill of Rights. Lewis and Clark will help us explore new territory and gold will take us all the way out to California. Lastly, our class will engage in and study the events and concepts that led to The Civil War, the War itself, and the country's Reconstruction after The Civil War.
Accessing Online Book
Classzone account. See Directions Below:

1. Click on www.classzone.com

2. Click SIGN IN

The Username and Password are all Capital letters
Username : JRW_RHS
Password: beavers
It will show you signed in successfully

Click: Return to Classzone

3. Select the American History "Beginnings through Reconstruction" textbook and then scroll to the bottom of the page.

4. Click Online Book

5. The book will open in a new window and you can type in page numbers or use the Table of Contents to select chapters and sections.

The only negative is that you can not print the text from this site.
Revolutionary War Children's Book

Just a reminder, everyone should be working on his or her children's book. They will be due shortly after we get back from Winter Break. Any questions, let me know. Let's have a great final week, and on with The Revolution!

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