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6th Grade Technology

6th Grade Computer

Technology Classroom
In this class students will learn Proper Typing Skills, Internet Safety, Internet Researching Tools, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and other Google products used on the Chromebook.  Students will also take part in a few Maker Space projects along the way.

Communication Components

Students use Google Classroom to follow the progression of the class. 
Due Dates will be set up there.
User Name: GraduationyearLastnameFirstinitial (22Cireddug)
Password: zero zero six digit student id (00123456)

Please ask your child to show you around their Chromebook and the different classrooms that they are enrolled.
Please also check Infinite Campus regularly.
User Name:six digit student id (123456)
Password: first name initial last name initial birth date written in numbers (gc08032001)

Email me any time at gina.cireddu@riversideschools.net

Technology Vocabulary