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4th Grade Science
Grade 4 Science Unit-Fossils

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Our next science unit in fourth grade involves the study of fossils and how they can be used to study present-day organisms.  Students will be studying fossils to look for similarities and differences with present-day animals and plants.  They will also be learning about the different fossil types: body and trace fossils.  Students will have the opportunity to make different types of fossils in class.

Students will also be looking at how scientists classify plants and animals.  They will have a chance to develop their own classification system for various objects to see just how difficult in can be to arrange objects into categories that your fellow scientists agree with!

No fossil unit would be complete without studying our beloved dinosaurs!  Many of our students can name them upon looking at models-interests from their earlier years.

Students will continue to be graded on lab work, short quizzes, and a unit assessment as we travel back in time through our fossil unit.

Please email me at kimwalczak@riversideschools.net with any questions or concerns.



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