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1st grade

What's happening in 1st grade?

This year the children will be fully included in Mrs. Hopkin's 1st grade class. We will start the day in her class and dismiss from there, as well. I will be working with the children within the classroom. If we need to go back to my classroom for any reason, I am right next door in the old kindergarten room! When I am not in the classroom with the children, either Mrs. Goldy or Mrs. Malkamaki will be in the room to assist them. Please refer to Mrs. Hopkin's teacher page for information regarding her class.
Please remember to check your child's binder each night, initial behavior, and complete the homework log. It is so important to read to your child each night. Please remember to do so and sign the reading log. Send homework and/or notes back in the binder. I check the daily notes each day, so please let me know if you have any questions. 
Dates to Remember: 
Tuesday, August 29 - Open House 
Snack/Birthday Treats:
Every day we will have a snack in first grade. Please bring in snacks that are NUT FREE, utensil free, and messy free (just like we did in kindergarten). Your child may be eating snack while doing work. Your child may also bring a water bottle to keep in his book bag during the day. Again, all snacks and birthday treats must be NUT FREE!